Three Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioner

A maintained and yearly serviced air conditioner will prove to give you more benefits, cleaner air, and longer usage. Though your air conditioner may seem to be in working order, it is always smart to have it inspected to make sure that there are no current small problems that could turn into bigger problems later. You can read a list of all of the steps the technician will take to service your air conditioner HERE. Niezgodski Plumbing serves the South Bend, IN area. Continue reading to learn three reasons to service your air conditioner on a yearly basis.


  • A Safer Environment For Your Family

    • It’s a good idea to have your air conditioner cleaned, serviced, and inspected one time per year to avoid problems during summer. This will also ensure that your unit operates at peak efficiency.
    • If dirt or dust is clogging your air conditioner system it could cause necessary parts to break or even cause a fire.
    • A technician will check all parts of the air conditioning unit to ensure nothing needs to be cleaned or replaced.


  • Improved Air Quality

    • Cleaning your outside unit yearly will increase efficiency and reduce the ability for problems to occur before they should.
    • Dust or dirt can easily collect on your air filter or evaporator coils. This would decrease efficiency and air quality and can cause allergies due to breathing in dusty air.
    • Replacing your air filter and cleaning your evaporator coils will prolong efficiency and improve air quality.


  • You Save Money

    • A well cleaned and maintained system will last longer and use less energy. This means less money spent on repairs.
    • Servicing your air conditioner will also reduce your bill and prevent problems from happening earlier than normal. Doing this would help avoid the possibility of replacing your entire a/c unit.
    • A technician can find and fix small problems during the yearly service inspection that would have been left unnoticed and could have grown into more expensive issues.

If your air conditioner still needs to be serviced this year, please call us! We are a family business, located in South Bend, IN, with 97 years of experience. Call us at 574-233-9774!

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