10 Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

10 Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

We have found that some plumbing questions are asked more frequently than others. Here are 10 of the most frequently asked plumbing questions and their answers. If you have another question that is not on our list, please call Niezgodski Plumbing, located in South Bend, at 574-233-9774.

  • Why does the toilet keep running?

    • This is most commonly caused by the flapper not working properly. If the flapper is not sealing properly, the water can leak into the toilet and cause the tank to not fill up with water and turn off the supply of water.
  • My toilet won’t stop running. How do I fix it?

    • Open the top of the toilet tank and inspect the float. This looks like a metal or plastic ball and it sits on top of the water. If it is cracked, it will sink and cause the toilet tank to potentially overflow. This causes the tank to fill and drain repeatedly and will raise your water bill.
    • If the float is not cracked, check the chain attached to the handle. You will need to shorten or lengthen the chain if it is either too long and getting trapped under the flap, or too short and not allowed the flap to seal as it should.
    • If both the float and the chain look to be in working order, it may be a leaky flapper valve. This is easy to replace and is located at the bottom of the tank.
  • Why is my water bill going up?

    • It is possible that something is silently leaking. More often than not, this is your toilet. To check for a silent leak, you can put food coloring into the toilet bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes. If it has leaked into the bowl when you return, call Niezgodski Plumbing and we can help repair your toilet!
  • Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?

    • Drain cleaners are dangerous to pets and children and are toxic. These chemicals are bad for your pipes and can deteriorate them, causing your drain lines to need to be replaced.
  • Why does my hot water run out so quickly?

    • If you have an electric water heater, you have 2 elements that heat the water. If the top element stops working you will have no hot water. If the bottom element stops working then only the top portion of your tank is being heated and you will run out of hot water more quickly.
    • If you have a gas water heater, it is probably the dip tube. The dip tube directs any cold water toward the bottom of your tank to get heated. If the dip tube is not working properly, the cold and hot water can mix, causing lukewarm water.
    • If you look at your water heater and notice that the reset button is tripped, you have a more serious problem. Niezgodski Plumbing can help with these problems! If you are in the South Bend, Mishawaka, or New Carlisle areas and you have an issue with your water heater, give us a call!
  • Why does my drain get clogged?

    • Your drain is likely clogged by food, soap, or hair depending on which drain it is. It is important to have a stopper to avoid debris getting into your drain. Feel free to call Niezgodski Plumbing at 574-233-9774 and we can unclog the drain or recommend a safe drain cleaner.
  • How do I clean my faucets?

    • You can clean your faucets with a soft, damp cloth. Make sure to avoid harsh cleaners as these could damage the pipes. If you have a stubborn stain, the manufacturer of the faucet may have certain cleaning products that they recommend.
  • Why is my faucet leaking?

    • Most commonly, there is corrosion on your O-ring, valve seat, or gasket. If even one of these is corroded, you’ll get a leaky faucet.
  • How do I stop my faucet from leaking?

    • Shut off the water to the faucet and then let the excess water drain out of the faucet. Remove the faucet handle. If you see that the nut is not tightened, that could be the problem. If the nut is tightened and this is not the problem, disassemble the faucet. Inspect the parts of the faucet to see if anything is corroded. Whatever is corroded is what you will need to replace. Then, you can go to a hardware store, buy the parts you need, and put the faucet back together. If your faucet does not go back to normal, Niezgodski Plumbing can help! We serve the South Bend, Mishawaka, and New Carlisle areas in Northern Indiana.
  • Why does water back up in my sink when I run the dishwasher?

    • The most common answer is that there is food backed up in your disposal. Both drains are connected and a clog in one drain can impact the other drain. Make sure your garbage disposal has no food in it when you run your dishwasher. A solution to try at home is to plug up the sink, fill it with water, and then run the disposal. This should help loosen and remove whatever was causing the clog. If this doesn’t work, call Niezgodski Plumbing!

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