Plumbing Services

Niezgodski Plumbing of South Bend offers a variety of services for our customers and guarantees the quality of the installation as well as the use of top quality parts by well-known and trusted manufacturers.

Do you have a plumbing issue but aren't sure if you need a plumber? Read our blog post below for four common plumbing problems and how you can fix them before calling a plumber.

Plumbing Problems: Four Solutions to Try Before Calling a Plumber


Heating and Air Conditioning

Once Niezgodski Plumbing, Inc. arrives at your home, we will discuss what type of problem you are having with your water heater, complete a visual inspection of the heater, and check and see how old it is. We will advise you if the heater is repairable or if it needs to be replaced. The technician will advise you of all costs relating to repair or replacement.

Heating issues are an nuisance. Read our blog post below for four common heating issues and how you can try to solve them before calling a plumber.

Four Heating Issues and How to Solve Them

Niezgodski Plumbing also provides Air Conditioning Services. Servicing your air conditioner will give you many benefits in the short and long term. Read our blog posts below for a detailed list of the steps the technician will take when servicing your air conditioner and for three important reasons to service your air conditioner each year.

Air Conditioner Service Appointment Steps

Three Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioner

Underground Services

Niezgodski Plumbing, Inc. specializes in underground water and sewer line repairs. We also staff certified backflow prevention testers to assist you if you need backflow assemblies installed or tested on your irrigation system. Backflow assemblies are used to stop the undesirable reversal of flow from water mixtures that could be contaminated back into the drinking water supply.

Sewer problems can be common and easily avoided. Read our blog post below to learn three common sewer problems and three ways to avoid these problems in the future.

Sewer Problems: Three Ways to Avoid Them


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