Three Reasons to Service Your Furnace

A maintained and yearly serviced furnace will provide you with a safer home, efficient warm air, and a lower energy bill.

Though your furnace may seem to be in working order, it is always smart to have it inspected to make sure that there are no current small problems that could turn into bigger problems later. You can read a list of all of the steps the technician will take to service your furnace HERE. Niezgodski Plumbing serves the South Bend, IN area. Continue reading to learn three reasons to service your furnace on a yearly basis.

Why to Service Your Furnace:

  • Safer Family Environment

The heat produced through burning fuel can lead to gas or carbon monoxide leaks. An annual furnace maintenance check can catch any problems, provide peace of mind, and ensure highest efficiency operation.

  • Efficient Warm Air

Ensuring your furnace is working properly before cold weather arrives can help you avoid any surprises and keep your family warm.

  • You Save Money!

A maintained system will be more efficient and use less energy. An annual tune up can save you as much as 30% off your energy bill.

If your furnace still needs to be serviced this year, please call us! We are a family business, located in South Bend, IN, with 97 years of experience. Call us at 574-233-9774!

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